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Clean! Friendly! Fast Service! Trying to make customers our friend by providing friendly, fast, clean service - winning them 1 by 1.

It is our mission to provide a clean wash every time you visit whether it be, how we present the employee, facility, or vehicle. We understand that customers live a busy and hectic life. Therefore, we provide rewashes with no questions or problems. Our goal is to quickly process your vehicle through the tunnel and provide you with the service, you purchased. We also, want you to feel comfortable so we offer smiles, waves, and conversations.

Our Vision

Being a friend to each customer.

​We bring our vision to life by focusing on treating each customer as our friend by providing smiles, small talk, and introducing ourselves. We want you to depend on us and know we are here to help. We hope as you visit you can see we are different from other service businesses.

Eco Friendly Car Wash

Who doesn’t love a clean, shiny car or truck?

We all do. But let’s face it; we don’t exactly love the homework that goes with washing it ourselves, and really, most of us simply don’t have time for that job.

Good thing for Nashville residents, there’s Wash N’ Roll to do it for you. Locally-owned and operated, Wash N’ Roll is the premier wash-and-go car wash service in Nashville, TN. If you want the best car wash in Nashville and to have a sparkling clean car in no time, then our fast vehicle cleaning services are just for you.

Wash N’ Roll’s car wash packages are designed for the busy individual — you can be in and out in minutes! Get your vehicle into our modern car wash bay for a quick clean and then you’re ready to roll again. Or, if your car needs a bit more tender loving cleaning that will get it thoroughly washed and protected, we can do that too.

And the best thing about our services? We don’t skimp on the quality. Even with our affordable rates, we use only high performance products and reliable equipment for a great finish all the time. That’s what Wash N’ Roll is all about — consistent results that leave customers satisfied and keep them coming back for more.

Featured Quality Car Care Products

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